work hard – play hard

Undergraduates engage in Binge drinking

"If you drink too much beer . . . you drink too much," Image from the History of Medicine - NLM (

Public health term for the “work hard, play hard” alcohol credo, defined as five drinks in a row (four for women). Despite a general decline in drinking among college students, a shift toward more safety- and health-conscious attitudes, and the virtual campus prohibition brought about by 21 minimum drinking age laws, a December 1994 Harvard School of Public Health survey of some 140 colleges found that many of those still drinking are hard-core practitioners.

Nearly half (44 percent) of undergraduates engage in binge drinking, and of those nearly half (19 percent of total) do it often.

The fraternity figures are even higher (86 percent of residents). A follow-up survey of 13 “party schools,” released in April 1995, found that nearly half of college frosh binge drink in their… Continue reading