Vaughn Bode

Fantagraphics Books

After founding The Comics Journal, a trade magazine known for its acerbic criticism, in 1976, publishers Gary Groth and Kim Thompson launched their own comics line with the Hernandez brothers’ Love & Rockets in 1981.

The Seattle-based company has not only acted as the link between “underground” and “alternative” comix, but also maintained the classic tradition, publishing snazzy reprints of such cartoon classics as Popeye, Little Nemo, and Prince Valiant along with the work of such modernists as Jules Feiffer, Vaughn Bode, Kim Deitch, and R. Crumb and of alternative stars Peter Bagge and Dan Clowes.

Since the early ’90s Fantagraphics has been bolstering its support of new comics talent like Roberta Gregory, Jim Woodring, Al Columbia, Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, and others with profits from its often innovative line of X-rated Eros comics.

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