the Tranquilite


Electronic brain tools, the most commercially accessible of which is the Synchro Energizer. Patented in 1980 by the Cleveland bioresearcher Denis Gorges, the SE consists of a goggle lined on the inside with tiny lights, headphones that pulse with New Age music and a carrier tone.

The SE slips the user into a daydreamy theta state similar to relaxing presleep moments. Judith Hooper and Dick Teresi’s Would the Buddha Wear a Walkman? (1990) describes a plethora of such “consciousness tech”-contraptions like the Somatron, Graham Potentializer, the Tranquilite, Binaural Signal Generator, and Cerebrex.

Consciousness can also be expanded through psychological software, light and sound machines, esoteric therapies, biofeedback machinery, isolation tanks, repetitious sound, rebirthing centers, and assorted flotsam and jetsam of the new spirituality. The “cyber zine” Fringeware Review offers an alternative shopping service for such items.

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