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AMADo you need an image change? Are you the cheerful sort of geek who ends up wiping mucus from the shoulder of his suit jacket when your melodramatic female “friends” go running back to their mysterious, tragic-hero, coffee-house boyfriends who love the American Music Association? If so, get on over to Gothnicity. This site claims it can teach you how to “be goth” in six easy lessons. Once you’ve got the hang of the look and the moves, you can try emoting appropriately with the help of the handy angst-o-matic. Visit the “Galleria du Goth” in your made-over soul. Don’t be surprised if, in the end, your irrepressibly cheerful self leaves the site feeling even more buoyant. Good Goth! Is that a wry smile on the face of that Goth grrl? (You should avoid the discussion board, though. It’s got some technical problems the webmaster doesn’t feel like dealing… Continue reading