Trick or Forget it

by Mike  Beucler

I got a old box of pictures from my mother the other day. I looked through them and found about a million Christmas pictures. As I looked through them, I realized I couldn’t remember the day at all. A little while later in the same box, I found one picture of Halloween. There I was beside my sister standing tall and proud. She in her Pocahontas robe and me in my Donald duck mask.

I remember it well. (Even then Disney characters wanted in on Pocahontas).

Growing up as a farm boy I didn’t have a lot of cash for costumes, but still I had a strong desire to dress up in great costumes and enjoy this great holiday. I can remember many costumes. I remember dressing up as r5d4 (one of the “lesser robots” from Star Wars) I remember dressing up as Scooby Doo. I… Continue reading