R. Griggs & Co

Doc Martens – Footwear of individuals

Footwear uniform of young individualists worldwide. Doc Martens shoes were invented in 1945 by Claus Maertens, a German doctor who needed a comfortable shoe after a skiing accident; Maertens formed a rubber sole from a tire and heat-sealed it to an upper, trapping a cushion of air.

Patented two years later, the Maertens design found favor as an orthopedic shoe among older women; on April 1, 1960, “Doc Martens” were first produced under license in England by R. Griggs & Co. The company’s original, eight-eyelet 1460 model boots-still a staple today-were adopted in the ’60s by English skinheads, who coveted their potential for violence.

Punk rockers revived “Docs” in the ’70s, and the shoes have been youth-culture staples ever since, in ever-expanding forms and colors. With their simple utilitarian design, Doc Martens shoes and boots are the perfect antifashion statement. According to Forbes magazine in January 1995, the U.S. accounted… Continue reading