Punks In Pigskin

Violence without Hockey

Chuck Chucks Schmuck: Heroic and intelligent Houston Rockets forward Charles Barkley started the regular season off in grand style this week by throwing a fellow bar patron through a wine rack and plate glass window at Jerry’s. The ever-insufferable Houston Rockets’ forward, who seems to have been in as many bar fights as all-star games, is claiming self defense, which is becoming a moldy excuse. We can’t remember whether he claimed self defense the time he spat on that little girl, after which his diplomatic skills were rewarded by being named to represent the USA at the Olympics. When you’re just 6′ 8″, self defense becomes a priority. How else to explain leaving a loaded gun in plain view on the floor of your Jaguar? And to think, this column was going to be pretty thin before Barkley saved the day. Who says Chuck doesn’t come through in the… Continue reading