protectiveness of Cloe

Chasing Cloe by Zac Elston

I knew, going into marriage, that there was a baby involved. A four foot green iguana named Cloe. Now I like all kinds of pets and reptiles are no exception, but little did I realize what a significant part of my relationship this pea-brained impulse driven creature would be. For it’s not what she does, but what she causes me to do.

When we started dating, Cloe was just something in the other room. Sure I saw her often and we even played a little bit, but it wasn’t that serious. But as the relationship grew, so did my protectiveness of Cloe. One month into it and I was making her a custom leather harness because the store versions didn’t work very well and cut into her scales. A couple of hours were spent considering what would be most comfortable on her and still allow us to keep her from… Continue reading