New York club


Epithet originally applied to rich foreigners, usually from old families, living in the United States. Eurotrash mascot Taki Theodoracopulos, who helped disseminate the term in society columns for Vanity Fair and the British Spectator, claimed in a 1984 interview to have heard “Eurotrash” first applied in 1980 to “very rich Milanese who came here and used up everyone’s drugs.”

The Reagan era smiled on such Euro immigrants, who, along with their virtually indistinguishable Middle Eastern and South American friends (schooled in Switzerland and outfitted in Paris), injected the New York club and social scene with plenty of fusty titles, bon chic bon genre sartorial style (Gucci loafers, Hermes scarves, signet rings), and ostentatious cheek-, hand-, and ciao-kissing.

During the leveling ’90s, “Eurotrash” in popular parlance came to refer to just about anyone who has an accent, sports a deep tan (acquired by birth or otherwise), haunts chichi nightspots, and wears… Continue reading