Moral Majority founder

Christian rap

Minor musical trend in which hopeful musicians attach wholesome messages to potent beats. Christian rap’s one notable success is DC Talk, a squeaky-clean trio that emerged from Liberty University (home of Moral Majority founder and televangelist Jerry Falwell) and sold over 500,000 copies of each of their three albums.

On the fringes of Christian rap are such strangers to Billboard as the S.S. MOB (Soul Serving Ministers on Board), T-Bone, and the Gospel Gangstas, an ensemble of former L.A. gang members who adapt gangsta rap posturing to the Lord’s message.

This story was reported nationally in Newsweek in November 1994 and subsequently disseminated in sources as diverse as Vibe and British Vogue. (A bible using hip-hop vernacular, Black Bible Chronicles: A Survival Manual for the Streets, 1993, also surfaced in the national press.)

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