DILBERT – Quest for Love in the Nineties

"Access Denied" by Scott Adams (Andrews & McMeel).

Hapless hero of the wildly popular comic strip that bears his name; white-collar schmo who resembles Bart Simpson in a curiously erect necktie. In 1989, Scott Adams (b. 1957) started drawing cartoons about the rigors and inanities of modern corporate life to kill time during boring meetings at Pacific Bell.

The comics proved Adams’s ticket out of the boardroom and into unexpected stardom; his drawings and observations now appear in three best-selling books (including corporate survival guide, The Dilbert Principle), some 1,200 newspapers, and numberless fluorescent cubicles nationwide.

With keen fellow feeling, Adams riffs on office politics, management-speak, lamebrain bosses, and the generally demeaning experience of mid-level office dwellers. In Dilbert, corporate life is a sort of purgatory; hence the occasional appearance of Phil From Heck, the Prince of Insufficient Light, who takes care of business a little too insignificant for… Continue reading