Educational Testing Service

Princeton, New Jersey, organization which administers the country’s best-known standardized tests, including the principal arbiters of higher education admissions (e.g. SAT, CAT, GRE, LSAT). ETS has been under attack for years by Naderite groups bent on exposing the tests’ cultural bias against women, minorities, and the poor, beginning with Ralph Nader’s own 1980 Reign of ETS: The Corporation That Makes Up Minds (co-author Allan Nairn) and David Owen’s 1985 None of the Above. The latter led to the formation of FairTest, which filed a Civil Rights complaint against ETS and the College Board in February of 1994.

ETS has responded in part by replacing the vocabulary section of the SAT with more reading comprehension questions, “recentering” the test around the average score of 500, allowing students to use calculators, and experimenting with computer adaptive testing. None of these reforms, however, address the fact that a pricey Stanley Kaplan, Princeton Review,… Continue reading