Ernest Goes To Camp

A Rob’s-Eye-View of Summer Blockbusters

While molten lava spews out of Los Angeles’ streets, and dinosaurs devour unfortunate extras in the Caribbean, and tornadoes rip apart everything in their path (save for Helen Hunt’s sports bra) – one begins to wonder whatever happened to those “Ernest” movies.

I mean, sure – “Ernest Goes To Camp” won’t be featured at Cannes any time soon, but if you’re going to make trite, meaningless films lacking character development or plot – you could save a couple hundred million by laying off the special effects.

And, why why WHY does every big-budget cheesy flick have to star Tommy Lee Jones? I’m not dissing Tommy Lee’s acting ability, but then again – he’s been a central actor in everything from the comic-book adaptation crap that dominated the box office in the early 90’s, to the Steven Segal crap that dominated the box office in the mid-90’s, to the disaster crap… Continue reading