Edward Furlong

Furlong, Edward

Winsome young film star catapulted to fame opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1991 blockbuster Terminator 2. Furlong has since alternated appearances in sci-fi/horror flicks (Pet Sematary Two, 1992; Brainscan, 1994) with a variety of well-received, low-budget dramas (American Heart, 1993; Little Odessa, 1995).

A heavy-metal enthusiast, the teenager turned up as a joy-riding rogue in an Aerosmith video (“Livin’ on the Edge,” 1995) as well as experimenting briefly with a singing career (his 1992 debut album was released only in Japan).

Accompanying T2’s success was a messy custody battle between his uncle and estranged mother. Two years later, Furlong emancipated himself from his uncle’s legal guardianship over objections to his choice of girlfriend: 29 year-old Jackie Domac, his former stand-in from the T2 set who became his private tutor and, subsequently, his lover.

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