digital workwear

Anarchic Adjustment

San Jose-based purveyors of “digital workwear.” Founded in 1988 by a trio of English expatriates, Anarchic Adjustment took as its trademark a cleaned-up version of the punk A-in-circle anarchy symbol.

The Anarchic sensibility, though, was logocentric, baggy skate-wear that evolved into a range of clothes in hi-tech-looking fabrics. These are sometimes decorated with anime characters and pseudo-political slogans like “Mankind could make this world a heaven, or he could make it hell.”

Anarchic Adjustment has benefited from the patronage of entertainers like Timothy Leary and Deee-Lite; and the company became successful in Japan after a well-known DJ wore an A.A. T-shirt in a magazine.

Europe and the U.S. are now voracious markets (annual turnover is more than $2 million), but Japan remains an Anarchic stronghold-the company opened its own store there in 1994, and it designed a T-shirt for Sega Japan’s Pulseman videogame.

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