“Coed Naked Billiards”

Coed Naked Lacrosse

Vaguely absurd “attitude” T-shirts such as “Coed Naked Lacrosse” were familiar on college campuses during the ’80s, often tailored to the particular school or local geography.

“Surf the Schuylkill” at the University of Pennsylvania, for instance, referred nonsensically to the waveless, polluted Schuylkill River flowing nearby. In 1990 two University of New Hampshire grads bought the Coed Naked trademark and unleashed it on teens.

By the 1993-94 school year the shirts (and even cruder latecomers like “Big Johnson” and “Butt Naked”) reached fad proportions and were the subject of dozens of ACLU lawsuits across the country as schools deemed the proliferating double entendres like “Coed Naked Band. Do It to the Rhythm” and “Coed Naked Billiards. Get Felt on the Table!” inappropriate.

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