Amok Books

“Sourcebook of the Extremes of Information in Print,” which started as a mail-order operation in 1985, and then went retail in 1987 in L.A. Along with its stock of Burroughs, Bowles, and Bataille, Amok stocks intriguing tomes like The Sniper’s Handbook, The Color Atlas of Oral Cancers, and Physical Interrogation Techniques, plus videos ranging from autopsies to Hitler speeches–anything, in fact, to épater le bourgeoisie.

The store added to its notoriety in 1989 by organizing an exhibition of then-convicted serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s chillingly innocent “Pogo the Clown” paintings and Bob Flanagan’s “Nailed” show.

In the ’90s, the Amok aesthetic affected the mainstream book world, most notably Tower Books’ Tower Outpost, which boasts a somewhat similar inventory.

Books published by Amok Press include The Amok Sensurround Journal, an over-sized compendium of twisted treats including information about self-trepanned, mind control and cargo cults, My Sister and I (the alleged final… Continue reading