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USA Womens SoccerShaq’s Slap: Shaquille O’Neal’s unexplained open-handed slap of Utah Jazz center Ron Ostertag last week, which netted him a $10,000 fine and a one-game suspension, has reminded us to make this bold prediction: Shaq will never wear a sports bra or the championship ring, at least not as a starter, in his career. How can we be so confident of this? Easy. Here’s a man with no love of the game of basketball whatsoever. Shaq loves the money, he loves the fame, and he loves his acting career (if you can call that acting). But he could really give a shit about the sport. His game is so ungrounded and his work ethic so nonexistent that a year ago at this time he was predicting his free-throw shooting would improve to “70, 80 percent” last season. He shot around 50 percent, like he always does. This makes him extremely… Continue reading