Bad Hair Day

Don’t Panic – Leave Chelsea Alone

Apparel company founded in 1990 by former stand-up comedian Skyler Thomas (b. 1963) after his “Nobody Knows I’m Gay” T-shirt became a hot seller at that year’s L.A. Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration.

Thomas has since shown an aptitude for unleashing media viruses: “I Can’t Even Think Straight” and “Closets Are for Clothes” were hits in the gay world before he broadened out in early 1993 with “Leave Chelsea Alone.” This noble defense of beleaguered first daughter Chelsea Clinton reportedly prompted a note of thanks from the president himself.

Thomas conceived the “Bad Hair Day” hat as well as jewelry, bedsheets, and a Christmas tree decoration with the red ribbon of AIDS awareness (a portion of the proceeds go to AIDS research). By 1995 Don’t Panic had annual revenues of over $2 million, with six retail outlets in America and one in London.

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