Hairstyle – Dreadlocks

Hairstyle dating back to the ’20s and the founding of the Afro-Caribbean religion Rastafarianism. Rastas outlawed the combing or cutting of hair, citing the biblical injunction of Leviticus 21:5: “They shall not make baldness upon their head….” The name dreadlocks was adopted to mock nonbelievers’ aversion to the look; the term was popularized internationally by the 1975 Bob Marley song “Natty Dread” (“natty,” in this case, meaning “knotty”).

In the ’80s, significant numbers of non-Rastafarian blacks began wearing dreads as fashion, and by the early ’90s, trend-conscious whites followed suit. Those unable to grow the right kind of hair can pay stylists to graft premade locks of real or synthetic hair onto their heads. The resulting pseudo-dreads, sometimes called “African” or “Nubian” locks, allow snowboarders, musicians, and models to sport an exotic look without the pain and mess of, say, body-piercing.

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