a Body Piercing

The Breast Revenge

By Zac Elston

Two months ago my wife and I opened a Body Piercing Studio here in Arlington Va. Now I’ve always loved the stories my wife has to tell from this ‘get me through college’ career choice. Working in the ‘scene’ industry, she comes home with a new adventure story everyday. I think my new favorite hobby is bringing her to parties and letting her silence a room full of wine tasters with “Hey, didn’t I pierce your dick?”

In the beginning I was happy to just be on the side-lines. I knew she had a weird job, but when you’re a German here on a student visa, the USA apparently likes to make it as hard as possible to find a job. Plus she usually makes more then I do, and she enjoys it. Mom instantly approved of her and dad called her “delightful” so I really didn’t… Continue reading