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Electronic CigaretteST. PATRICK’S DAY

For people who live by Cliff’s Notes. A simple one-pager on who the guy was, what he did and did not do, why he is commemorated, why he wished there was an electronic cigarette in his time and a variety of quality links. Oh, and great downloadables of “My Wild Irish Rose” and “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”.


Very comprehensive. Recipes, cookbooks, discussion groups, restaurant listings, services and suppliers. Unless you live in or are visiting Ireland, most of this is inapplicable. Click right to recipes. Meat lovers delight- Irish Stew (of course), Fillets of Whiting, Herring in many ways, Sausage Pies. But there’s also time-tested favorites like Soda Bread, Whiskey and Ginger Cream and Rutabaga Pudding. Screw the diet and go for it.


What a great site! In addition to a fantastic virtual tour of Ireland complete with stats and beautiful countryside imagery, you can trace your Irish ancestry, even if you don’t think you have any (remember, everybody’s Irish on St. Patty’s Day!). There are charming limericks, amusing little games, and other delights. Visit this site any time of the year.


While this Irish Times-sponsored site is more friendly to users in Ireland, it is interesting to get the local feel of the day. Has a distinct newsmagazine feel to it, complete with a readers poll. Makes you think our green beer fests are more than a little embarrassing compared to the homeland’s celebration.


Not attractive, not abundant with important text and eye candy graphics, but an trivia-based site that will give you fodder for one day a year. Did St. Pat drive the snakes out of Ireland? Did he single-handedly convert the Irish to Christianity? Did he introduce the shamrock to Irish society? Not groundbreaking news, but good conversation starters at the bar selling green beer.

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