Sorry, Farley

As of this writing, the toxicology report on the death of Chris Farley has not been released, but reports have said that there were no signs of drugs or drug paraphanalia found in his apartment.

Earlier this year on the Howard Stern show, Saturday Night alum and film co-star David Spade could be heard discussing Chris Farley’s health. Spade had told Howard that Farley could wind up dead if he didn’t start taking care of himself.

And so, I didn’t take it as a big surprise when I had heard the news of the 33 year old comedians’ death. I had been driving in rush-hour traffic when I heard the news, and my first thought was, “John Popper’s gotta be shitting his boots.”

John Popper, the hefty lead singer from Blues Traveler, allegedly tried dieting with the aide of cocaine earlier this year.

Anyway, Chris Farley is now in the big Comedy Club in the sky. Joining Saturday Night alumni such as Gilda Radner, John Belushi, and Andy Kauffman.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night alum Robert Downey Jr. remains in prison on drug charges. Saved, perhaps from death, by his own stupidity.

And of course, I should mention comedian John Candy. When John Candy died, the morning zoos across this great land of ours had a field day, joking about the comedian’s weight, joking about the fact that the man hadn’t done a decent film outside of Splash, Stripes, and JFK.

Farley, I doubt, will be joked about to the same degree. For one thing, his weight was rivaled only by those morning zoo disc jockeys of the Midwest who do the joking. Secondly, he was younger, had talent, and his best acting to date happened to be in that pathetic Coneheads film. It’s tragic.

What’s more tragic, however, is that many people saw this talented young man’s death coming, and their warnings weren’t enough or weren’t soon enough. His star never shone bright enough.

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