Simon Cowell Blogger Gets Police Caution

Music Video CodeIt seems you have to be careful what you say when it comes to blogging about music video codes and American Idol judge, Simon Cowell. It appears one UK blogger has been given an official police caution following some of the remarks which he make about Cowell on his internet blog, and has had to issue a formal apology.

American Idol is certainly something of a hot topic amongst pop culture bloggers all over the world, but especially in the US. Cowell is famed for his blunt and critical style of judging, which have become a popular topic with online writers. Even fans of the show who might only watch occasionally, are frequently keen to hear about Cowell’s latest comments, and to share their own opinion of such remarks online. Of course, there is a fine line between such opinions and factual statements, as was discovered by one UK blogger recently.

In the UK, Cowell is best known for his role on talent shows such as the The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. It was the latter of these programmes which recently landed one writer in hot water, as he falsely claimed that Cowell had fixed it so that one particular contestant would win.

This might not sound like anything out of the ordinary – it’s well known that stories with little truth attached to them are frequently published online, to little effect. However, in the particular case, the blogger was issued a caution under the Malicious Communications Act, and forced to remove the post. He also issues an apology to Cowell, as well as the contestant involved.

Although this almost certainly won’t put an end to false rumours about talent show judges circulating, but it might make blogger think twice about what they choose to post online. Cowell might have stepped down from his American Idol position, but with the US version of X Factor launching later this year, we’re sure to see plenty more online discussions regarding his controversial criticisms of various contestants.

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