Fingerman, Bob

New York comics artist and illustrator whose work first appeared in Fantagraphics Books’s porn line, Eros. After updating the “Tijuana bible” tradition (cheaply printed mid-century cartoon smut) in Atomic Age Truckstop Waitresses (1991), which parodied Twin Peaks and Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, Fingerman’s Skinheads in Love (1992) was a naturalistic and truly erotic punk-sex document.

Skinheads got inside a pair of politically correct skins with lives wallpapered by perfectly captured East Village anarchist graffiti and handbills for imaginary hardcore bands. Fingerman’s next major project was White Like She (Dark Horse, 1994).

In this grammatically corrected update of John Howard Griffin’s Black Like Me, a black janitor’s brain is transplanted into a white postpunk female’s head. Fingerman wrote Screwy Squirrel (1995) for Dark Horse before completing his semiautobiographical Minimum Wage (1995).

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