African-American slang for insult: “dis”

African-American slang for insult; short for “disrespect.” When Public Enemy’s Chuck D. appeared on Nightline in January 1992, he corrected his own speech, saying “as a black person been tired of being dis-respected,” but most viewers already knew what “dis” meant.

Hip-hop had popularized and disseminated the term, making it part of the American vernacular. By 1995, even white-bread figures like former Today Show host Jane Pauley could use the term without pause or apology on Conan O’Brien’s talk show.

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Dinah Shore Golf Classic

From the Dinah Shore Golf Classic webpage

Palm Springs golf tournament named after the late talk-show host (and former paramour of supermacho actor Burt Reynolds) that occasions the “biggest lesbian party of the year.”

Every March thousands of gay women converge on the town for a series of dances and balls loosely associated with the Nabisco-sponsored event.

Palm Springs itself is something of a gay tourist mecca: in the official visitors’ guide, the Greek letter lambda identifies dozens of gay accommodations in the town.

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Def Comedy Jam

Popular late-night HBO cable show created in 1992 by rap mogul Russell Simmons. Originally hosted by Martin Lawrence, Def Comedy stood out from the glut of televised comedy by exclusively showcasing black stand-ups and emphasizing forcefully delivered blue jokes.

Weekly, a series of raunchy turns would whip the Def Comedy Jam audience into a burlesque frenzy with material that flew directly in the face of political correctness, driving a wedge into African-American class and gender divides.

DCJ apologists argue that the overwhelming number of pussy jokes from male comedians is redeemed by the quantity of dick jokes from the show’s female stand-ups; black superstar Bill Cosby, on the other hand, called the program a “minstrel show,” noting that “HBO tells African-Americans, ‘You can’t come on the show unless you undignify your Africanness.'”

Def Comedy Jam moved to Los Angeles for its seventh season, in February 1997. New features included live-action… Continue reading

The Brady Bunch

Flat vintage sitcom (1969-1974) which came to life as an after-school hit in late-’70s syndication. With its premise of two broken families made whole, the show resonated with a generation experiencing the effects of a fifty percent divorce rate; the six Brady children of varying ages had a broad demographic appeal.

The show’s underground-totem status was tapped in June 1990 by an independent Chicago theater group which began performing Brady Bunch scripts; The Real Live Brady Bunch became a cult hit, and concert promoter Ron Delsener put together a touring version (with Conan O’Brien sidekick Andy Richter debuting as Mike Brady) that received extensive media coverage.

Brady interest was heightened by 1992’s salacious, incest-hinting literary hit Growing Up Brady by son Greg (actor Barry Williams; co-written by Beavis and Butt-head scribe Chris Kreski).

In February 1995, the aging ’70s fashion revival proved combustible at the multiplex when The Brady Bunch… Continue reading