Bored Bored Bored Bored !!!

Have your kids ever told you that they were bored? Mine did that to me this past summer. After my parents divorce, the old farm became a big house surrounded by a big yard. Where once there where 100 animals to take care of, all that remained was broken farm equipment. But somehow I managed not to be bored.

There always seemed to be lots to do in the country. On a quiet summer night you could often here the sounds of young men learning that the stories of cows sleeping standing up were true. And on special nights you could sometimes hear young men learning that some cows are bulls believe that people tipping is a fun sport as well.

The woods also provided a great source of entertainment. We’d gather around, on dark moonless nights, telling the scary stories whe’d heard about these woods. After we had foolishly… Continue reading

It’s Just a bug

by Mike Beucler

I have seen a good number of bugs growing up on the farm. I have walked through a field full of grasshoppers flying in every direction. You start to think of it as prerrt, or at least a pretty good place to get bait for fishing.

When we would get on my mom’s nerves she would send us out to pick ticks off the dogs. I have pulled my share of ticks off myself also, without a bit of worry in the world. When me and the little woman got together she found a tick on the kids one day and I spent two months convincing her the kids didn’t have Lyme disease. (It turned out they where just lazy.)

The kids found a caterpillar in the car last year. I think a caterpillar is a great bug. It is so different from all the rest. The… Continue reading

What to do with the kids

by Mike Beucler

The other day I was watching the kids play. They would go outside, do something, then come in the house and tell me and the little woman about it. Then boom, they would be out again. Me and the little woman would respond by saying “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BEFORE I PUT YOU TO WORK.” You know- water the cows, feed the chickens, slop the pigs, or pick food for lunch. I guess it was a empty threat since we relay didn’t have any work to do.

I have been living in the city for many years now. Since college, my time in the country has gone straight down hill. Which makes sense; You give up cows for computers and these things happen. But I still haven’t figured out just what are you meant to do in the city.

I used to go out into the… Continue reading