Information At Your Finger Tips

There is not a person alive today who would refute the idea that in today’s fast-paced world filled with technology, having information at our finger tips is a horrible thing. Far from it, everyone uses this technology in their own daily lives for all sorts of purposes. Krauss (2012) states that this generation is creating a “culture of distraction.” Just take a look around you if you want some evidence of the truth of this statement. Having gaps in your day for thinking have been replaced by people always wanting to feel connected with others, if just indirectly.

Technology and information is a great thing to be able to easily retrieve, if we use it intelligently. What disaster recovery services do, is to back up data that may otherwise be lost or destroyed in case of a disaster. Scotten (2012) states that “any company, large or small, that’s running business-critical… Continue reading

Divorces Devastating Effect On Kids

A divorce can be a sticky situation for all involved, especially the children, which is why it is imperative to get a good divorce attorney to help make sure the divorce is finalized as quick as possible. Large custody battles and law suits can ensue. Even the simplest and easiest case can be a stressful time. Kids often become stressed and start acting out because of it. They may revert to a younger age and stop doing things that they normally know how to do on their own. They may start having night mares and experiencing phobias. Some of this can be expected since there is a lot of stress and upheaval in their lives. Many children begin to believe that the divorce is their fault and become very depressed. They may feel unloved by one or both parents. They may feel unsettled by having to live in two homes… Continue reading

If Traffic Stopped on U Street Last Night…

It was because Glen Hansard’s enormous voice was coming from inside the Lincoln Theater and all the cars and passersby had to stop and congregate outside to appreciate it.  I myself was inside so I can’t testify as to whether traffic actually DID stop, but I wouldn’t have been a bit surprised.  I thought July’s Swell Season show at the 9:30 Club was amazing, but last night’s show at the Lincoln Theater topped it.  It was the first time I’d been to the Lincoln Theater and it was a perfect place for the show — the acoustics were great (Marketa’s voice in particular was much louder than at the 9:30 Club) and the audience was rapt.  Glen and Marketa played with three additional musicians on strings and, like last time, Glen out-Vanned Van Morrison and they closed with a rousing “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” (which you… Continue reading

More Cowbell

Last Thursday we went to see Rilo Kiley at the 9:30 Club and heck if Jenny Lewis didn’t break out the cowbell. As my friend Sarah emailed me after she saw the same show in Asheville, “You mentioned cowbell. I had no idea she was going to try to bring sexy back using the cowbell.” But try she did and for all I know, maybe she succeeded. Jake seemed to think she did. It was a good show, even though Winona Ryder was apparently in attendance and we did not see her. Brandi Carlile was also good the following night, although the crowd was a little too chatty at the beginning. She performed two of the covers that so captivated me when I saw her in April, “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Hallelujah,” but also sang “Madman Across the Water” and a better-than-the-original version of “Raining in Baltimore.” (August and Everything… Continue reading

Just a Couple of Things

Let’s start with American Idol.   I just sat through all two hours of the final twelve male contestants, and a lot of them were so boring that I have already forgotten them.  I remember Sundance, Beatbox Boy, the Cute Little Gay Indian Boy, Barefoot Asian Guy, Sassy Jack Osbourne from Greenville, and Cueball.  The others were fairly indistinguishable.  I liked that Beatbox Boy sang Keane.  Other highlights were mostly from the interview portions, like how that one guy said he works “in the restaurant industry.”  It’s okay, buddy.  You can say you’re a waiter.  Ain’t no shame in being a waiter.  Kellie Pickler was a roller-skating Sonic girl, and she’s doing alright, even if her jailbird daddy is trying to sell off her baby toys on eBay.  It’s like when Eric on Entourage says he used to “manage… Continue reading