Going to Extremes

By Zac Elston

MTV sucks. Not because they show mindless entertainment with little or no socially enhancing value (notice I didn’t say socially redeeming) or because they invented the quick cut flash shot for subliminal targeting. MTV suck because their commercials suck.

Most television stations have about 4-5 minutes of commercial breaks filled with big product names, and hints of shows to come. If you watch any late night TV you see a different kind of commercial. The “blue background amazing new but wait there is more” product. Time-Life record sales and what not.

This sub par class of products and mix tapes that can’t sell themselves so they need to hypnotize you to buy one. The watch 100 random street people all proclaim that this new hair removal product really is the most incredible thing in the whole world and gosh isn’t my life so much better now commercial.… Continue reading