Divorces Devastating Effect On Kids

A divorce can be a sticky situation for all involved, especially the children, which is why it is imperative to get a good divorce attorney to help make sure the divorce is finalized as quick as possible. Large custody battles and law suits can ensue. Even the simplest and easiest case can be a stressful time. Kids often become stressed and start acting out because of it. They may revert to a younger age and stop doing things that they normally know how to do on their own. They may start having night mares and experiencing phobias. Some of this can be expected since there is a lot of stress and upheaval in their lives. Many children begin to believe that the divorce is their fault and become very depressed. They may feel unloved by one or both parents. They may feel unsettled by having to live in two homes… Continue reading

The Breast Revenge

By Zac Elston

Two months ago my wife and I opened a Body Piercing Studio here in Arlington Va. Now I’ve always loved the stories my wife has to tell from this ‘get me through college’ career choice. Working in the ‘scene’ industry, she comes home with a new adventure story everyday. I think my new favorite hobby is bringing her to parties and letting her silence a room full of wine tasters with “Hey, didn’t I pierce your dick?”

In the beginning I was happy to just be on the side-lines. I knew she had a weird job, but when you’re a German here on a student visa, the USA apparently likes to make it as hard as possible to find a job. Plus she usually makes more then I do, and she enjoys it. Mom instantly approved of her and dad called her “delightful” so I really didn’t… Continue reading

Fraternity hazing

Nineteenth-century tradition increasingly threatened by political correctness and its own well-publicized excesses even as frat membership reached an all-time high in the ’90s of nearly 500,000 (up from a 1972 hippie-era low of 149,000).

Thanks to groups like CHUCK (Committee to Halt Useless College Killings), more than 35 states now have anti-hazing statutes, but enforcement is often limited to after-accident punishment and civil lawsuits.

With most national fraternities clamping down on school chapters (in part out of necessity to qualify for insurance purchasing collectives), initiation rites are now as likely to include date rape sensitivity training or alcohol awareness seminars as they are strippers, toxic levels of Jägermeister, or blackface slapstick.

Recent hazing accidents include the May 1994 death of a pledge at the black Kappa Alpha Phi chapter of Southeast Missouri State (he was “body-slammed”), which led to a major lawsuit exposing such practices as “bringing the knowledge” (in… Continue reading

First Amendment Coalition

Network of anti-political correctness campus activists based in Gainesville, Florida. The group invoked the ’60s New Left manifesto the Port Huron Statement at an April 1994 conference of campus conservatives from around the country, issuing a Cambridge Declaration in opposition to speech codes, multiculturalism, affirmative action, and diversity seminars.

The group has since de-emphasized its associations with right-wing patron Center for the Study of Popular Culture, focusing on First Amendment issues at a Columbia University conference the following fall, where it called for a National Free Speech bill that would cut off federal funds to schools with speech codes.

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Epithet originally applied to rich foreigners, usually from old families, living in the United States. Eurotrash mascot Taki Theodoracopulos, who helped disseminate the term in society columns for Vanity Fair and the British Spectator, claimed in a 1984 interview to have heard “Eurotrash” first applied in 1980 to “very rich Milanese who came here and used up everyone’s drugs.”

The Reagan era smiled on such Euro immigrants, who, along with their virtually indistinguishable Middle Eastern and South American friends (schooled in Switzerland and outfitted in Paris), injected the New York club and social scene with plenty of fusty titles, bon chic bon genre sartorial style (Gucci loafers, Hermes scarves, signet rings), and ostentatious cheek-, hand-, and ciao-kissing.

During the leveling ’90s, “Eurotrash” in popular parlance came to refer to just about anyone who has an accent, sports a deep tan (acquired by birth or otherwise), haunts chichi nightspots, and wears… Continue reading

African-American slang for insult: “dis”

African-American slang for insult; short for “disrespect.” When Public Enemy’s Chuck D. appeared on Nightline in January 1992, he corrected his own speech, saying “as a black person been tired of being dis-respected,” but most viewers already knew what “dis” meant.

Hip-hop had popularized and disseminated the term, making it part of the American vernacular. By 1995, even white-bread figures like former Today Show host Jane Pauley could use the term without pause or apology on Conan O’Brien’s talk show.

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Citadel, The

Citadel cadets parade (Russell K. Pace/Citadel Photography Department)

State-supported military-style college in Charleston, S.C. that fought with Confederacy-like tenacity to maintain its 152-year-old policy against admitting women. An earlier policy against admitting blacks had fallen a generation earlier (as portrayed in alumnus Pat Conroy’s exposé novel The Lords of Discipline [1980] and movie [1983]).

In 1993, a young woman named Shannon Faulkner (b. 1975) was accepted after omitting references to her gender from her application; the school rescinded its offer when it discovered her secret. After Faulkner sued, a Federal judge ordered her admission but–amidst a proliferation of “Shave Shannon” bumper-stickers–let stand the school’s mandatory “knob” haircut for all new cadets.

Faulkner was finally admitted in 1995, but she dropped out after a few days, to widespread student jubillation. In 1996, the Supreme Court ruled that no-girls-allowed policies are unconstitutional in state-sponsored schools, and the Citadel changed its rules. That… Continue reading

Baffler, The

Semiannual, Chicago-based ascetic journal of cultural criticism (founded in 1988 by University of Virginia undergraduates Keith White and Tom Frank) that tackles the big questions weighing on the minds of indie-rock-loving and -hating intellectuals.

Defiant, anti-commerce Baffler mottoes include “Accessorize Your Dissent,” “The Journal That Blunts the Cutting Edge,” and, on the back of one of the magazine T-shirts, “Your Lifestyle Sucks.” Each issue seeks archly to debunk the hip-seeking excesses of the corporate culture business.

The early 1994 “Alternative to What?” issue mocked the post-Nirvana commodification of rebellion (or, in Baffler parlance, “consolidated deviance”): “‘rebellion’ continues to perform its traditional function of justifying the economy’s ever-accelerating cycles of obsolescence with admirable efficiency…’anti-establishment’ [is] the vocabulary by which we are taught to cast off our old possessions and buy whatever they have decided to offer this year.”

Most widely known for exposing The Great Grunge Hoax of 1992, The Baffler… Continue reading