American Idol

Just a Couple of Things

Let’s start with American Idol.   I just sat through all two hours of the final twelve male contestants, and a lot of them were so boring that I have already forgotten them.  I remember Sundance, Beatbox Boy, the Cute Little Gay Indian Boy, Barefoot Asian Guy, Sassy Jack Osbourne from Greenville, and Cueball.  The others were fairly indistinguishable.  I liked that Beatbox Boy sang Keane.  Other highlights were mostly from the interview portions, like how that one guy said he works “in the restaurant industry.”  It’s okay, buddy.  You can say you’re a waiter.  Ain’t no shame in being a waiter.  Kellie Pickler was a roller-skating Sonic girl, and she’s doing alright, even if her jailbird daddy is trying to sell off her baby toys on eBay.  It’s like when Eric on Entourage says he used to “manage… Continue reading