Doherty, Shannen

Actress whose 1991-1994 portrayal of Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210 brought her a teenybopper fame that was later rivaled by notorious off-camera antics. Tantrums and tardiness on the set of 90210 made Doherty a pariah with her fellow cast members; she became a tabloid staple via drunken diva fits, bar brawls, and bed checks.

Despite her errant ways, Doherty apparently fancied herself a social and political conservative: she led the 1992 Republican National Convention in the Pledge of Allegiance, allegedly while “completely pickled.” The latter revelation came from a RNC staffer’s letter to the I Hate Brenda Newsletter, a 1992 spin-off from L.A. zine Ben Is Dead.

In September 1993, Doherty tied the knot with suntan heir Ashley Hamilton (son of George). They divorced five months later. Doherty was finally dismissed from 90210 in 1994, with a lot of hard feelings. There followed a couple of atrocious TV movies… Continue reading