10 Sites to 10 Sites to Visit if You’re Home Alone on New Year’s Eve

1. Six Degrees of Separation

Spend hours relating people to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. Try other similar games. It may be passe, but you’re alone, so who will know if you beat the snare and play along?

beck2. Beck

Meet Beck. He’s a loser, too.

3. Unsolved Mysteries

You’ve got some time on your hands- put it to good use. Either offer your well- founded opinion on what happened to D.B. Cooper, or ask others to help you find a life.

4. The 80s Server

Remember the good old days when you wore parachute pants and pink bandanas to New Years Eve bashes. Find your old Bangles cassettes and download pictures of Tom Cruise in his underwear.

5. Ask Dr. Weil

Maybe there’s an herb, or relaxation method you can use to make yourself feel better.

6. Heavens Gate

It’s possible that you think the tradition of celebrating the New Year in a drunken, irresponsible stupor is base and unclean and in no way supportive of attaining a higher level of spirituality. Meet your fellow freaks. Get a good deal on Nikes

7. Shareware

If you’re too cheap to buy a date for the evening, then you’re too cheap to buy software. Get it for free here, tightwad..

8. Supreme Court Decisions

Don’t give me any lip. You’ve got nothing better to do. Why not educate yourself on who’s telling you how to do what. There are a lot of laws out there that everybody else is out breaking tonight, you may as well bone up on them.

Eye On the World

9. Eye on the World

Earthquakes, floods, death, destruction. There are bigger disasters than your life.

10. Webtender

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